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As the top manufacturing and quality recruiter in the nation, we are experienced with first piece inspection, SPC systems, grain flow analysis, component rejection, and more.

We are industry focused, people centric and fueled by technology. Elevate your business potential with North Valley Precision. 

The premium market is competitive. When anything goes wrong, someone of quality is frequently used as an example. You need a quality engineer with a complete engineering degree but they have a short tenure, so where do you turn? You discovered that web advertisements are ineffective since they frequently only attract job seekers who are fleeing from something, leaving off the good professionals who don't need to look for work.

You'll need a headhunter at this point. To seek for, source, and locate the best experts and carry out searches around the world, you need someone with manufacturing and quality networks. There are fewer and fewer manufacturing jobs available as the baby boomers retire. In order to prevail in the talent war, you must collaborate with an executive recruiter who is knowledgeable about your sector.

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